WD-10 Form

* Required Information

1. Please indicate the full name of the General/Prime Contractor, Subcontractor, or Owner the project is being performed through.

2. Submitter Information


3. Please supply the complete name of the project, project description (area within a building, highway section, specific room number, etc.) address, and name of General/Prime Contractor if different from item 1.

* 4. Indicate if project is subject to a Federal or state wage determination.

* 5. The Contractor listed in Section 1 above is:

* 6. Please provide a list of any subcontractors you will use on this project, including addresses and phone numbers.

* 7. For the project being reported on this form state the date ANY WORK (MM/DD/YYYY)

* 8. For the project being reported indicate the date YOUR WORK (MM/DD/YYYY)

* 9. Please select the type of construction for the project being reported and all relevant descriptors. If the project has more than one type of construction please check additional types.


* 10. Classification(s) Used on Project: